Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Area Man Informs World of Dangerous Earthquake

In what local officials are describing as a courageous and self-less move, Yonkers Resident Dale Harrington used the social networking site Facebook to inform the world of a potentially catastrophic natural disaster. "I felt the earth shake for a good while there and didn't know what was happening. Then I saw Dale's status which read 'Whoa. Earthquake?' and immediately knew what was going on," said a former acquaintance, adding that after reading the message he too decided to update his status. Within minutes, the entire East Coast seemed inspired by Harrington's swift action, taking a break from their normal routine to forewarn their friends and family of the crisis at hand. While hailed by many as a hero, Harrington's modesty shined when he moved past the grandiose episode a mere hour later to thank his Farmville Peeps for being such great neighbors.